What is the difference between a VTC driver and a taxi?

Taxis and VTCs are transportation solutions. The VTC, also called “car with driver” allows you to move from a A point to a B point in a car, while enjoying the scenery and tranquility of the trip. However, VTCs offer a different model than taxis. Particularities have to be discerned between the VTC transport and the taxi transport.

What are the main differences between VTC and TAXI?

VTCs are not taxis and vice versa. There are many differences between taxi drivers and cars with drivers (VTC). Discover the four main differences between VTC and taxis below.

The VTC driver must be reserved.

As part of the VTC, customer support is only through the booking. In just a few clicks, VTC drivers can be booked to do your shopping. No booking or approach fees will be added. The VTC are the guarantee of having a car with a driver at your disposal, whatever the place or the desired schedule.

Conversely, taxis can be called on the street or booked. As part of a taxi booking, a car fee may be charged and added to the final price.

The price of your VTC transport fixed in advance.

You will not be surprised when you will pay for your transport by VTC! Prices are set transparently, when booking, according to the distance traveled and the duration of the trip. No additional charges for baggage or passengers will be charged. People car with driver are the insurance to control your budget in advance, when booking!
Unlike private drivers, taxis have a time stamp to set the price of their races. The taxi fare will not be known in advance and charges such as the approach of the car may be charged extra.



High-quality service aboard a VTC.

Private drivers offer many opportunities, including high quality transport. A full service will be offered aboard the VTC: wifi, computer tablet, drinks or phone chargers. The VTC multiplies extras for an unforgettable and tailor-made trip, adapting to your needs and desires.

No stress related to waiting or getting stuck with your private driver.

The VTC driver will advise you of his arrival with an SMS and will take the shortest route to get you to your destination. Thanks to the VTC you will travel in all serenity, in a friendly space where the price of your race will be communicated in advance and without bad surprises.

The VTC team, your high-end private driver!

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