Visit Ribeauvillé

Ribeauvillé is a must! It has been elected best town in France. Its half-timbered houses are nowadays mostly used as bed and breakfassts. Ribeauvillé’s historic center is full of beautiful houses, the prettiest is located at no. 14 (ancient headquarter of the minstrels). Many events that are celebrated there date back to the Middle Ages, such as Kougelhof festival, festival of the minstrels, wine festival.

Its history

On a document dating back to 1084, Ribauvillé was given by Emperor Henry IV of Franconia to the Bishop of Basel who decided in 1178 to restructure his episcopal county. In exchange, the bishop received the land of Ribeauvillé, which he gave to the Lord of Urslingen around 1185.

Ribeauvillé which was under Austrian advice during the 30 Years’ War was dismantled in 1648 while passing over to the French crown.

Ribeauvillé became part of the County of Ribeaupierre and was recognised by the Royal House of France which conforted the inhabitants of the town. Ribeauvillé being in Alsace and under the French crown, Louis XIV confers the county to the prince of Birckenfeld.

Located in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard The Ribeauvillé cellar or Rappoltsweiler Winzerverein was founded in 1895.