Mont Sainte-Odile

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Founded by the patron saint of Alsace, Sainte Odile, daughter of the Duke of Etichon. It is culminating at an altitude of 764 meters. Mont Saint Odile located in OTTROTT in the Lower Rhine region, surmounted by the abbey of Honenbourg (convent overlooking the plain of ALSACE), is a Mecca of Alsatian culture and a place of pilgrimage where one can still find the remains of an ancient pagan wall.

300,000 cyclopean blocks surround Mont Saint Odile over a length of 11km.

The history of Mont Saint Odile.

At the time of the Merovingian kings (7th century) the abbey was owned by the Duke of Alsace, Etichon Adalric, father of the future saint.

The monastery was bequeathed to Saint Odile by her father and she transformed it into a convent. It became a popular place of pilgrimage for people suffering from eye diseases.

In 1789, the date of the French revolution, it was sold and became a national property.

In 1853 the bishopric of Strasbourg wanted to restore its monastic vocation and bought it back.

In an adjoining chapel decorated with magnificent mosaics, we can still see the tomb of Sainte Odile as well as the ones of her parents. It should be noted that the parents’ tombs were added later.
In 1840 the chapels dedicated to Saint Odile, the library and the sculptures of the monastery were classified as protected historical monuments.