Dambach la Ville

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Dambach-la-Villé is little known to tourists, yet it is one of these charming Alsatian villages; it shelters beautiful half-timbered houses, lovely fountains and above all 470 hectares of vines, the largest area to be found in Alsace.

Its History

In the 12th century, Dambach-la-Villé belonged to the lords of Berstein before passing to the bishops of Strasbourg who provided it with ramparts. However, this does not prevent the city from being looted by the Armagnacs in 1444 who were campaigning against the Swiss confederation. These Armagnac troops have been led by the Dolphin, future LOUIS XI.

The town suffered desolation during the 30 Years’ War and the Peasants’ War.

It enjoyed prosperity around the 17th century with the rise of vine cultivation and the exploitation of iron and manganese veins.

The town has also been the birthplace of factories producing socks and cigars.

Dambach-la-Villé was assigned to the German Empire in 1871 and returned to France in 1919 for further annexation by the Germans in December 1940.

Young people aged 17 to 45 have been forcibly recruited either into auxiliary services or into the German army.

Finally, the Allies liberated Dambach-la-Villé in 1944.