Our Services

The Ecurie vtc (car transport with driver) offers private tours along the Alsatian Wine Route. You are passing through our region and would like to discover the wine route and its treasures such as the enchanting villages and castles, as well as a wine tasting in a cellar?

We offer tours that teach you the essential knowledge of the area and allow you to visit freely, have lunch, test the wines without pressure and all that in a comfortable town car with a private driver. We prepared the routes with big care in order to provide you with the best possible experience. We only take a maximum of 3 people, our rates do not vary per person attending.

Equipments for your comfort.


On board, you have a free wifi connection.


The car has a tablet computer entirely at your disposal.

VTC certification

Our driver received the VTC certification. 2014 Thévenoud law.


We offer you drinks to enhance your trip.


Our car has the latest technologies and respects the environment.


Our driver is also accompanying driver of Person with Disability.